Filming for Strange Evidence – Discovery Science channel

Last Friday, I was filming for the next series of Strange Evidence which will be broadcast on Discovery Science in 2020. In case you missed the last series of Strange Evidence – we look at filmed material of bizarre phenomena and test out several theories as to what is happening. Then I reveal the most likely scenario.

Now – I can’t give anything away of course, but it’s going to be an amazing series. So, keep your eyes peeled for it. I’ll also be appearing in 2020 with Saturday Night Live veteran Rob Riggle on Discovery on the trail of the Templars. And there will be a new series of Forbidden History, which has moved from UKTV to Discovery.

I’m all over Discovery basically!!

You will also catch me on History where I’ll be talking about the Knights Templar once more – I’ll give you more details when that appears. All very exciting. Here I am filming last week.

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