Tony McMahon author



I’m Tony McMahon. You may have seen me dressed up as Henry VIII on ITV or investigating the Ark of the Covenant on the Discovery Channel. In recent years, I’ve been a regular contributor on series like Forbidden History, Private Lives of the Monarchs, Strange Evidence and America Unearthed.

I’ve long suffered from an addiction to history, politics and religion with a healthy dose of scandal and intrigue. My professional background was as a BBC news producer and print journalist turned award short-listed author and face on TV.

I don’t claim to be an academic but I’ve shared a stage with professors possessing brains the size of planets. For example, I did a turn at the Bradford Literary Festival with the amazing Professor Helen Nicholson in discussion about the Knights Templar. My mission is to make history accessible and fun to mass audiences.

Since 2011, I have been running the popular Templar Knight blog and also blogs on London history, the 1970s and 1980s – two decades I grew up in and still hold a grim fascination for me!

On TV, I’ve commented on the seamier side of history – scandals, murders and unsolved mysteries. So – join me for a tour through the darker recesses of world history and let’s see what we discover…