The boy who kept stealing Queen Victoria’s underwear

He was known as the Boy Jones – a curious young man called Edward Jones who broke into Buckingham Palace repeatedly and surprised Queen Victoria. What failed to amuse her was that Boy Jones stole her underwear, stuffing Her Majesty’s bloomers down the front of his trousers.

Boy Jones and Queen Victoria

By all accounts, Jones was a very filthy and pretty ugly specimen. He was apparently mistaken for the chimney sweep. It’s not known exactly how many times he got into the palace but it’s like to have been more than the three times he confessed to.

There were repeated attempts by the authorities to get rid of him – normally bundling Jones on to a ship bound for somewhere far away. But he kept coming back. Eventually, he ended up in Australia working as the town crier in Perth and with a big alcohol problem. It was during a drunk episode that he fell from a bridge and was killed.

Here I am on UKTV’s Private Lives of the Monarchs discussing Jones:


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