Secrets of the Royal Palaces – series 3

Great news – I’m back in a new series of Secrets of the Royal Palaces on Channel 5 that will begin on January 7 2023 at 20:30GMT. If you’re outside of the United Kingdom, you will have to wait sadly or find a way to download it online. But don’t miss out on some great royal scandals!

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And what a fantastic time for Secrets of the Royal Palaces to return. We’ve just had a heart stopping series of The Crown on Netflix and Harry & Meghan of course. Lest we forget on a sadder and more relevant note, 2022 saw the passing of Queen Elizabeth II after the longest reign in history. London, where I lived, ground to a halt as we marked that sad occasion.

Yet, within a month, royal intrigue kicked off again. The new king, Charles III is having to contend with his son Harry taking shots at the royal household and bringing out an explosive printed biography as well as the TV documentary series.

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So make sure you watch Secrets of the Royal Palaces and tell me what you think about it!

Secrets of the Royal Palaces on Channel 5 produced by Viacom

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  1. Hi Tony: Is “Secrets” available in the US? In any form? Any series? Youtube, Netflix, Discovery Channels? I love your stuff and follow what I can, when I can find it. email is fine, also. Thanks.

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