2019 – a busy year for me on history TV programmes!

Tony McMahon calls himself the bearded historian and appears on history TV programmes making the subject fun and accessible to global audiences


Scandalous and ridiculous myths about women in history

Oh, you must have heard how Catherine the Great of Russia died. The horse. The harness that broke. How it fell on top of her. What she was trying to do at the time with the horse. I’ve heard that tale for decades going back to university. The myth that one of Russia’s most powerful…

Maddest rulers in history

Tony McMahon investigates some of the maddest rulers in history from Charles VI who thought he was made of glass to George III who lost America.

Celebrating LGBT Muslims in history

It may come as a surprise to know this but in Muslim history, homosexuality was often considered as perfectly acceptable. And there were leading scholars and even members of the ruling elite who expressed love and affection for members of their own sex. Many Muslims I know today are exasperated that bigoted views within Islam…

Robin Hood at the movies!

2018 sees a new Robin Hood movie – so how has Hollywood depicted this medieval hero over the last hundred years?

Royal Serial Killer – a grisly Halloween tale!

If you have an irresistible urge to kill your fellow human beings, then being in a position of immense power affords plenty of opportunities. And there’s a bonus – you’re more than likely going to get away with it. Well, at least for a while. The other day, I met a Slovakian gentleman called Lukáš…