Ancient bog bodies and a murder mystery

Bog bodies are the well preserved remains of sacrificial victims placed in peat bogs by our ancestors


KNIGHTFALL character profile: William de Nogaret

Knightfall is the new blockbuster drama series from the History channel featuring the Knights Templar in their final days and a quest for the Holy Grail. It mixes fact and fiction to tell a compelling story. Some of the characters existed while others are fictional or a blend of people from that period. I’m going…

Filming with the History Channel about the Knights Templar!

I’ve been busy in Portugal filming with the History Channel for a thrilling new documentary series about the Knights Templar.   This will accompany the new Templar drama Knightfall about to grace your TV screens. The documentaries follow the Templar quest for the Holy Grail and I caught up with the team in Tomar, the…