2019 – a busy year for me on history TV programmes!

Tony McMahon calls himself the bearded historian and appears on history TV programmes making the subject fun and accessible to global audiences


Corporate racism in the 1920s

In 1923, a British company made an incredibly racist Christmas card painting its Nigerian workers with a festive message

Maddest rulers in history

Tony McMahon investigates some of the maddest rulers in history from Charles VI who thought he was made of glass to George III who lost America.

Did the Knights Templar reach America?

Did the Knights Templar reach America? I hear a resounding “no” from medieval scholars everywhere but let’s go through the various theories about how the Templars may have been in the New World a century before Christopher Columbus. Our starting point is the decision in October 1307 by the king of France, Philip the Fair,…

Was George III really a tyrant – as the US constitution claims?

If you’ve read the US constitution then you’ll know that American colonists wanted to free themselves from this dreadful tyrant called George III. He was an absolutist monarch who imposed dreadful taxes without asking the people first. But…is the truth a bit different? Indulge me for a moment. George III was actually quite different to…