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I’m Tony McMahon. Join me on YouTube for amazing insights and here on the blog page!

Historian, author, and former journalist. My background as a print, TV and online reporter and producer means I approach history from an investigative angle. Looking into the past to uncover the truth about mysteries that are seemingly unsolvable. My job is to distinguish fact from fiction, history from mystery.

No stone is left unturned as I ask the uncomfortable questions in my quest for the truth.

A regular contributor on history and science documentaries broadcast on TV channels around the world. My areas of expertise include the Knights Templar; Royal Family scandals; the history of scientific inventions; UFOs and the paranormal; the Second World War and the Third Reich and I’m somewhat obsessed with all things biblical.

I’ve appeared on William Shatner’s The UnXplained (History) discussing the Holy Grail and the legends of King Arthur. Over several seasons of Forbidden History (UKTV and Discovery Science), I’ve commented on mysteries that grip the imagination from the Crystal Skulls to the location of Atlantis and the real identity of the prophet Moses. While in several seasons of Strange Evidence (Discovery), I’ve looked at phenomena that seem to defy rational explanation.

On Channel 5 in the United Kingdom, I was a regular contributor on Secrets of the Royal Palaces investigating the murkier side of Hampton Court Palace, Versailles and other grand and magnificent venues. I’ve covered a lot of royal stories such as the stormy lives of Princess Margaret, Edward and Mrs Simpson and the relationship between King Charles II and Nell Gwyn.

Location shoots are always great fun and for America Unearthed (Travel), I found myself crawling on my belly to get into a perilous cave in Scotland to find out whether the Knights Templar had holed up there while on the run from the Pope and the King of France. In Portugal, I joined the team from History’s Buried documentary series to see if the Knights Templar had left their treasure in any tunnels at the ancient town of Tomar.

In terms of my background, I’m a former BBC news producer. I also worked for a decade as a communications consultant in the field of counter-terrorism and counter-extremism working on projects in central Asia and the Balkans. Terrorism in history is a topic area I’m very keen to explore.

Check out my blog on the Knights Templar: https://thetemplarknight.com/

And my YouTube channel: @tonymcmahon_historybear

Email: tonymcmahon@rostraconsulting.org

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