About me

I was always told as a child never to talk about history, politics or religion in polite company. It’s a silly rule I’ve never had much time for. Lace those three topics with a bit of scandal and who in their right mind isn’t interested?

So, this blog site is all about that fascinating intersection between history and our basest instincts. The hunger for power and wealth that motivates people to commit terrible deeds. The Machiavellian intrigues of monarchs, mistresses and magnates. How the personal and the political collide to devastating effect in world history. It’s all going to be covered here!

Your help is essential to uncover stories not yet told or to solve some of those mysteries that have vexed the greatest minds. This blog site will not be a one-way street – or a bit of online voyeuristic titillation. No – it needs to be interactive, people! I’m asking you to help me find the juicy facts and unmask history’s greatest rogues.

I suppose it’s necessary to say a couple of words about myself. I’m a published author and you can see my works here on Amazon. I’m also a broadcaster commenting on historical mysteries and stories in an accessible and hopefully entertaining way. In July 2017, you might have caught me on TV talking to Jamie Theakston about the Knights Templar on his programme¬†Forbidden History.

Many years ago, I was a journalist writing for newspapers and working at BBC news. These days, I run The Templar Knight blog, which you can view here to find out everything about the those enigmatic warriors. There’s also a blog I run on stories from London’s past you may never have heard before but can discover here.

But enough of me, let’s get on with the history!