Filming with the History Channel about the Knights Templar!

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Filming with the History Channel in Tomar – August 2017

I’ve been busy in Portugal filming with the History Channel for a thrilling new documentary series about the Knights Templar.


This will accompany the new Templar drama Knightfall about to grace your TV screens.

The documentaries follow the Templar quest for the Holy Grail and I caught up with the team in Tomar, the headquarters of the Knights Templar in Portugal.

I’ve visited this town many times, dominated by its Templar fortress. It’s a hugely atmospheric and enigmatic place. Nowhere I’ve been to in the world captures the essence of the Templars like Tomar.

Together with the team, we set out to unearth some Templar secrets and you can find out how we got on later in the autumn – or Fall for my American followers!

4 thoughts on “Filming with the History Channel about the Knights Templar!”

  1. Examen the Piri Reis Map to see were the Templar Fleet fled to, also the Island of Corvo had a supposed statue of a Knight on a Horse pointing west and remember that Corvo is halfway between Europe and the new land to the west.


    1. Carlos – Piri Reis, not his real name of course, played a big part in putting to an end Portuguese dreams of having a foothold on the Arabian peninsula. Fascinating man. His map is, as you know, a curious item – made up of Arabian, Indian, Portuguese and older depictions of the world as it was known. Some people believe it shows Antarctica. Regarding Corvo – have you read this book? All the best, Beardy History!


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