The Dark Truths of the Templars – Beardy History on TV!

Tune in to Yesterday TV and watch me in conversation with Jamie Theakston talking about the dark truths of the Templars. More details on the Templar Knight blog.  This is season four, episode four of Forbidden History, presented by Jamie Theakston. I pop up about seven times in the programme talking about buried treasure, pagan rituals and the trial of the Knights Templar.

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  1. Tony: Are you familiar with an author by the last name of Laidler who wrote a book some years back on the Templars? The title of which was something like the Head of a God. His thesis, bizarre to be sure, was that the Templars believed their mummified head (aka Baphomet) to be the head of Jesus. Clearly, if the topmost Templars believed this nonsense, they would be classified as heretics.

    1. I am familiar with his work. It’s interesting. Normally, the head – sometimes referred to as Baphomet – is assumed to be that of John the Baptist, who was beheaded after all. The Laidler theory runs that many relics of Jesus were worshipped but the head was unthinkable. After all, hadn’t Jesus ascended bodily with his head into the heavens. It’s a fundamental tenet of Christianity, as we know it today, that resurrection had to involve the entire body. There were pre-existing head cults in the Middle East and decorated skulls have been discovered in modern day Israel. Could a head cult have evolved around Jesus? Laidler believes the head is buried at Rosslyn. Seems to be more of an educated guess on his part. But hey ho – who knows!

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